How to Choose the Best Polished Concrete Design

It’s true that you have different design choices when it comes to concrete these days. Gone are the days that you have to do with the dull gray concrete on your patio or driveway. One of the many choices that you have would be the use of polished concrete.  


Polished concrete is as good as any when it comes to creating the effect that you want for your concrete. It offers a smooth and reflective surface finish that also comes with different options when it comes to coloring and scoring. You may also create radial lines, borders, grids, and bands, among othersThe use of dyes and stains are the most popular ways of enhancing polished concrete. Below are some polished concrete ideas that you can try for your home. 

  1. Staining

By staining polished concrete, you’re adding color to it to provide your floor with a more remarkable look. Staining goes very well with polishing as it provides the surface with a reflective finish. This technique has seen many applications, but mostly in retail stores.  

  1. Dyeing

If you want your concrete surface to have a shade that is more vibrant and intense than what chemical stains can provide, then you can opt for dyeing. Concrete dyes provide better results, and they are often used with polished concrete because the process of applying them is fairly quick and simple.  

  1. Natural Look 

There are many instances wherein you want to keep the concrete to look as natural as it can get. This is highly possible with polished concrete because it looks good as it is. The natural gray look is best used in vintage showrooms and industrial areas.   

  1. Patterned andScored 

There are a lot of things that you can do to add intricate designs to polished concrete. The most common concrete designs techniques used are scoring, engraving, stenciling, and cutting. These are just some of the many ways to polish concrete and customize it on top of coloring. It’s still possible to apply your choice of color on the polished concrete while creating an elaborate pattern on your floor.  

  1. Overlays

For some people, stenciling and engraving aren’t enough to achieve the design that they have in mind. For these instances, concrete overlays may be used. Overlays provide a more aesthetic solution for homeowners with distinct taste and those who want to do away with the imperfection on their polished concrete floors. Even so, the use of polished overlays proves to be a very economical alternative to most other options available to property owners.  

How Are Floors Polished? 

To polish concretea series of steps are performed with the last of which is the use of grit diamonds. Every step in the polishing process is performed to increase the reflectivity and shine of the surface of the concrete.  

After the last steps of grinding the concrete, a topical sealer is applied. This gives the exposed aggregate well-sealed look. In many instances, the polished look is achieved mostly with the use of the topical coating. The result is beautiful but this type may require a higher level of maintenance. 


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