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With an illustrious career in television, radio, film, stage, even in animation and video games, Michael Coleman is a league of his own. This award-winning actor and writer is the eldest of three siblings, a proud father to two young ladies who happen to be wonderful in their own right, and a loving husband to his spouse Michelle Louise.

Coleman Life

His career in television, radio, and film all started with his passion in storytelling. Surrey, British Columbia became the backdrop for this initial interest. When he was in fourth grade, he got the lead role in a school play. It was “The Dump Monster”. He was asked to wear a costume that is completely made up of one large box and scraps of old newspapers. When he was in high school, he continued his love for the performing arts. One notable stint he did was when he was in eleventh grade. He got the chance to perform in cable access tv shows, this includes one moment where he shared the stage with his younger brothers. When he got out of high school, he learned the ropes of comedy circuit. He bravely took stage time whenever and wherever he can. He would do stand-up comedy, improvisation, and sketch. In doing all of them, he got to the opportunity to share the stage with some of the most incredible international and local talents of his kind.

As if television, radio, film, and stage were not enough, his artistry flourished to the world of modern-day pantomimes as he directed, written, and starred in some movie fairytales that require such. Examples of which are The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. Hard work will never go unnoticed for this guy who pursued excellence in pantomimes. Some of his works are so original, in fact some theatre companies have licensed the productions to perform at the world stage. Moreover, Michael has received awards and nominations from various award giving bodies. Aside from pantomimes, he has performed notable roles like Bert Camp on Smallville, Dr. Watson in The Doctor’s Case, Idasa on Dragon Ball Z, Inonushin on Hello Kitty, and Stan in Hamtaro.

As a thespian, Michael has high belief on storytelling as a craft. He has successfully shared his knowledge to a thousand students coming from several institutions. It’s nothing but natural that he created various schools because of his exposure in teaching storytelling. His latest school venture is the Story Institute. Storytelling, as a rigorous focus, is being implemented here. In the institute, the storytellers are trained how to make status quo a better place through creation of opportunities for all actors and make them realize purposiveness. Its diploma programs offer actors an experience they haven’t felt before- to learn comprehensively the business and (at the same time) craft of acting for various platforms (television, radio, film, stage, even in animation). Michael holds three positions in the Story Institute- teacher, founder, and Senior Educational Administrator. On top of that, he is active in helping numerous charities.

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